1-GW solar YEKA auctions average 21.77 Krs/kWh (2.58 US$c/kWh with 8.45 US$/TL)

(Enerji IQ – May 2021) The Energy Ministry completed the first TL-based YEKA (Renewable Energy Resource Zones) auction in May with an average price of 21.77 Krs/kWh. The average price is 31.97% lower than the new solar feed-in tariff of 32 Krs/kWh that will be implemented after June 30, 2021. (Krs equals 1/100 of a TL.)

Varen Elektrik gave the highest bid, 32.00 Krs/kWh, for 10 MW of capacity at the southeastern city Hakkari-2 connection point, while Margun Enerji gave the lowest bid, 18.20 Krs/kWh, for the Osmaniye-2 connection point.