Our global website will be online in December 2017. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile you may get in touch with us via email:  solar@solarbaba.com

We speak English, German and a little bit Klingon.

- About Solarbaba

We are a non profit social company with over 150 members&supporters. Solarbaba is followed by around 4m+ people on monthly basis and we are focused on cleantech with a particular interest for solar.

Our main field of activity is to develop and implement social responsibility projects and thus raise awareness of cost effective, clean and sustainable solutions for today's global problems.
Since 1996. For a fossil-free 2050.

Among the people contacted by SolarBaba are government officials, public authorities, universities, media channells and all potential users of solar energy. SolarBaba does not only follow the agenda but creates it most of the time.

SolarBaba is founded by Ateş Uğurel, who has been active in solar energy sector since 1996, and basically discusses, reports, carries into the agenda and shares with its readers/supporters the following headlines with all details.

- Solar, wind and geothermal power plants
- Energy efficiency
- Challanges, opportunities and latest developments in self consumption
- Local manufacturing and related incentives
- Relevant laws, regulations and communiques
- Solar financing, leasing-crowdfunding-energy cooperatives
- Grid connection problems (legal and technical)
- Latest PV technologies and their possible local adaptation
- Solar and social responsibility projects
- Solar trackers, mounting structures for rooftop and free-field
- Solar simulation software, performance analysis, system monitoring
- Green buildings, LEED and BREEAM Certificates
- Power electronics, inverter-charge control and related products
- Solar lighting, pumping and telecommunication: Off-Grid Market
- Various events, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, training activities
- Project and land development, problems and solutions
- Commercial installations for industrial zones, shopping malls, hotels etc
- Warranty terms, insurance for the performance and the products
- Legal problems experienced on site, utilities
- Latest developments in electricity storage